Combine 9 excel to new one and try to use for each to loop open one by one

Hi all, i am newbie for PRA and there have some question about the for using for each loop to open all excel in one folder and then copy the specific area data to the new excel. The uploaded project “combine excel” i had used the hard code to open the excel and it run prefect. And then i want to improve the process that when user put the excel in a folder and then i can use the for loop to do that. In project “auto open excel” The loop seems goods and write line can see excel can open one by one, but when i want to find last row in the loop, it stop at this step with no any error, just can’t write the value into the var.

Sorry for my new account can’t upload the project, attached the onedrive link as below
My Project

PS: i am using BalaReva easy excel.

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