Combination of 3 columns in rows

Hi, I need help regarding excel activity. I have one sheet in which I have to consider combination of 3 columns and according values under these columns, if the values are same for then it should be considered as 1 transaction. Kindly provide guidance.

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Can you provide any eg or Screenshot which may explain it more so that it will be easy to give you the solution …

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Maybe like this:

  1. For Each Row
    1.1 IF (row(0)=row(1) AndAlso row(1)=Row(2))
    1.2 varResult=row(0)
    1.3 Else varResult = row(0).ToString+row(1).ToString+row(2).ToString

The excel sheet format is like below:

Supplier no. Doc Type Doc no. Pay item
1123 PV 4000 002
12121 PV 9001 001
1123 PV 4000 001

I have to take combination of first 3 columns like this 1123PV4000 and find this similar combination in entire sheet which is to be treated as 1 transaction item. I hope it is easy to understand this way.

@chaitanya.panicker I did the same case earlier in my project and its very interesting and easy. Follow the below steps:

  1. Use Read range activity and store the result in datatable.
  2. Create a for each row loop for datatable
  3. Create a list of string (keep it in wider scope of for each loop) and Add column combination into list using Add to Collection
  4. For each iteration check if the list contains the combination if exist then transaction is already processed if not then treat that as a new transaction item.

Hope it will help you🤪

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Thanks, I will try it today and let you know if it works