Colour excel cell with conditional

I have a dataTable (let’s call DT1) with 2 columns, one with a date and one with gender.
I have to paint in a colour those rows which are “Male” or “M” and in other colour those rows which value is “Female” or “F”.
how can i read the DT1, select column Gender and say to Uipath that “F” goes in Red and “M” in yellow.
thanks for ur time

you can iterate via data table and check for each row and its column and then set the color of the excel range. Please see attached flow.Main.xaml (10.8 KB)

@Ignacio_Smail Best approach would be to create an excel template file with all conditional formatting rules set.

can u insert the image? i cant open the file u sent.




please let me know if you got the solution or not.


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