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I have an excel file and I want to keep only the rows that meet the condition Column B <> Column C (appear in yellow).
How can I do this?


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Read the excel
Put that table in a for each row,
Inside of for each use an if row(“Sign - OLD”) <> row(“Sign - NEW”)
If true use add data row(you will put that row to another table)

So you get that specific row on other table. Cheers!

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Hi @LZlz

*First Read the excel sheet and create a datatable variable by using read range activity from workbook
*Then use For each row and pass the datatable variable and use Assign Activity Create a Int variable as Count and assign value as 0 and drag and drop another assign activity there use like this count = count +1 .then use
*If condition
*And in Else side use set range color activity and in the properities Input color will be
System.Drawing.Color.Yellow and Range will be “A”+(Count+1).Tostring + “:C”+(Count+1).Tostring and sheet Name will be your related excel sheet name

That’s It ,I hope it will be useful for you
If you find it useful mark it as solution and close the thread.

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And If You want you can verify This also

Thank you!
Solved! Worked!

I tried the solution you proposed and it worked. I learned something new! I didn’t know how to mark a row with a certain color if it meets a certain condition …

Thank you!

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you’re most welcome @LZlz

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