Color Settings for Improved Accessibility

I’ve recently become aware of the importance of accessibility, particularly for individuals with red-green color blindness (or other forms of color vision deficiencies). It has come to my attention that our tool relies on certain color combinations that may pose challenges for those with color vision deficiencies.

As a way to enhance the accessibility of our tool and make it more inclusive, I would like to suggest the implementation of color settings that allow users to customize the interface to suit their needs. Specifically, it would be beneficial to provide options for alternative color schemes or the ability to adjust the colors used in the tool. This would enable individuals with red-green color blindness to use the tool without any issues, while also benefiting other users who may have specific preferences or visual needs.

For example, status indicators for licensing or types of exceptions such as red, green, and orange should be changeable, allowing users to select colors that are easily discernible for them.

I kindly request that this feature be considered for future updates, as it aligns with our commitment to accessibility and user satisfaction.

Hi @Mardark,

There is another feedback post on the same topic. There are many members in my team who have the same challenge. I hope UiPath introduces more color schemes/themes in the Orchestrator UI.

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