Collect specific date of latest update on Spotify playlist (what activities to use?)


Do you have any suggestions for gathering data in a single Excel cell (.tostring), displaying the most recently updated song date from a Spotify playlist? For example, in screenshot we can see that latest update was 3 days ago, so I need that in excel cell is “3 days ago”

Hi @Chris_Balance ,
In this page, If you need get all data you can extract data table
If you get only text “3 days ago”, you can use get text activity



Try with datascrapping and later filter the dattable based on ascending order

and then get the data which ever you want from the excel

2.To get only the 3 days ago data use

Get text Activity


I need only latest updated date not all data in excel. Latest date can be different for each playlist.

So there is no way to scrap straight from UiPath activities to excel latest date? I need only latest updated date not all data in excel. Latest date can be different for each playlist.

You can use GetText activity


use Get text activity

And what exactly should I select in this activity? I have a list of playlist links where it need to scrap latest date. So it is not always 3 days ago.

my output

my flow

It doesnt select latest date since this can be anywhere in playlist. You just selected first 6 days ago.

Expected outcome on Excel cell is “3 days ago”

Basically it has to collect data from all playlist song add dates and understand which is the latest one.

Try this

yes, but this is my demo about get Text
It will get text any whare in playlist base on rule you need
and in here, you need get newest date added
that’s right?

I see, we need get all then compare them to get newest

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Yes. Latest date compared to all other

Like the 1st I comment
we can use extract data table, get all date added
then filter it
get only columns date added
filter get only rows have string contain “days”
compare them to get smallest days
→ this is newest day

There are playlists that doesn’t contain word “Days”, some playlist have only dates as “Aug 4, 2023”, and dates can also be latest update.

We can check list,
create intCount type int32
to count string contain “days”
if count =0
compare each item with
we will get newest date
→ this requirement is simple

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OK @Chris_Balance
I replied.

Hi @Chris_Balance ,

I get it

my output in today

7s to get

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