Code from BluePrism to UiPath

I hope it is not a problem to place this kind of question here, if so, please let me know.

My question is if there is anybody who has experience with using BP code (from object studio) on UiPath invoke code. Is it possible? So far we work with the option of rewriting the VB code from BP into VB.NET code in UiPath, but I guess there could be much more challenges and we should consider more circumstances.

We have started with our tries, but I am curious if anybody else is trying to play on this field (or will tell me this is a dead end:-) ). Therefore I will be thankful for contacting me.


Hi Jakub,

Original question! :slight_smile:

Even though I haven’t had such an experience but would love to read your experience.


Hi @2aozturk,
so far it does not look good.We are facing several issues with current object, which we are trying to rewrite. We will keep you up! :slight_smile:

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No problem if it’s a pertinent question :slight_smile:

Maybe this should go to Ideas category so that product can look into it. Although @badita has answered about different programming languages in Invoke code:

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