CloudFlare Rate Limit

So im doing some testing making payments on a website, but they have a rate limit set by CloudFlare, whihc make my IP banned for a certain amount of time

Any ideas / workarounds?

Hi @Jersey_Practical_Sho
Have you tested to Input a Delay-Activity befor next Call?

Unfortunately, I can’t really afford the extra time due to the number of transactions we need to process.

Let me put it this way.
Normally, banks pay for access to their API interfaces. You want to try to realize this via the Ui. Then I guess you’ll have to put in the extra time.

Alternatively, you can get a fixed IP from the IT/provider and give it to the receiver, which will cause CloudFlare to whitelist you.

How much time per transaction are we talking is more the issue?

I can tell you CloudFlare or the payee or the experience you have so far. I don’t know in which cycle you have addressed the connection so far.