Avoid ip blocking

hi i have a new in uipath
How to prevent getting blacklisted while Data Scraping
it possible to IP Rotation in uipath
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Hi @Patel_Piyush1878 ,

I am not entirely sure of the Automation that you are trying to Achieve. Could you maybe Explain in a bit more details with Steps if possible.

If it is Related to a Change in IP Address, Maybe Changing the Proxy is your Idea, Take a Look at the Below Component :

Hey @Patel_Piyush1878

That may not be the right thing to do, if there are terms not to scrape from the website.



I guess we can’t do scraping if we have such kind of restrictions are there.

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I hope you are doing this for legal purposes. If yes, the right way is to go through a formal whitelisting process.

Otherwise you may be in violation of several legal guidelines.

Our own RPA team is prohibited from building any “screen scraping/extraction” automations. All information must be accessed via tightly regulated API end points after going through an elaborate whitelisting process.

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