Cloud Orchestrator vs On Premise Orchestrator

Hello, Can anyone point me to any documentation that outlines the differences between the Cloud Orchestrator Database and its table structures vs On-premise (if any). Also the same question but for the log structure.

We are looking at moving to cloud and trying to determine the effort needed to update our reporting structures.,

you cannot migrate your data from on-prem DB to automation cloud.

you can use the Orchestrator manager to migrate your resources.

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Please gor through following link. Hope it helps

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Yup I am aware of this. We currently have our on-premise orchestrator connected to our reporting suite, so trying to understand if the table structures in the new cloud version are different in any way

I think you misunderstand. You cannot access the cloud database directly.
Its not like a SQL server where you can just connect to it.

You have to use the API’s to get data from it, these API’s are all well documented.
You must also consider the retention policy present in the cloud orchestrator as log messages and queue items get deleted after 30 days.

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