Automation Cloud vs On-premise

Hello everyone,

I know that we can use a different versions of Orchestrator - On-premise and Cloud. On-premise requirements specify SQL Server versions, etc., there is also an information about separate VM for Orchestrator and SQL Server.

But when it comes to Automation Cloud there is lack of information about these things. I assume, that we don’t need them anymore, because Orchestrator is now in a cloud, and all logs, jobs, machines information will be stored on a cloud as well. Am I right or do I still need an SQL Server for some reason?

Thank you!

For the Cloud Orchestrator, you don’t need any SQL Server, as everything is stored in UiPath Azure VMs.

In Cloud, you can just use the Orchestrator and that’s it. UiPath is supporting it.

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Thank you Marian - that’s what I thought.

And just to confirm - I also don’t need an Orchestrator installed locally, as it is on a cloud as well, right?

Yes, you are right. Everything is in Cloud.

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