Cloud Orchestrator Down - Scheduled Robots behaviour

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Does anyone know how scheduled robots will behave if the cloud orchestrator is offline? Are the robots still going to be executed for the given schedule?

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If the API behind orchestrator is still running, then it will still work. Orchestrator is an interface for managing the settings of the API. However, if the API is down as well, then the bots will not execute.

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To add on

Any Robot that has a job inflight will complete the job. If there are activities that require interaction with Orchestrator they will fail.

The Robot will hold onto any logs until it can communicate with Orchestrator again and The job status is held in memory.

If Orchestrator is unavailable, logs are stored in a local database ( C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs\execution_log_data ), within the available disk space, until the connection is restored. When the connection is restored, the logs are sent in batches in the order they had been generated.


The database is not deleted after the logs have been successfully sent to Orchestrator.

The status of a job is stored in the memory of the UiPath Robot service. When Orchestrator becomes available, the information regarding the job status is synced between the two. However, if Orchestrator is not available and you restart the UiPath Robot service, the information is lost. This means that whenever Orchestrator becomes available the job is executed again.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation! This helps a lot!

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