Orchestrator Jobs Not Found Logs for a Robot

We run a lot of robots. However, sometimes the orchestrator log is not visible. It does not appear even if I access the robot and browse the log records.

The orchestrator version is using 2019.10.19, and I am curious about what to do about this issue.

If the schedule succeeds or fails, it’s all.

Thanks for your help…

Hi @SsongJJ
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By default, the interval for showing jobs is set to ‘Today’ or something very recent like that.
Can you please check what is the interval on your filters above this table?

Change it to 30 days or any other desired value to see the previous jobs.

It is supposed to find the desired value. But nothing appears.

Does it happen to any bot randomly or some specific bots?
Also, do you find some logs show up and some don’t? Or do some robots not show any logs at all?

Sometimes it happens with robots rather than specific robots.
Not all logs are visible.
No record remains even if you directly connect to the robot and enter the Excution Log.

Does it generate logs when you run the bot in Studio?

Since it’s intermittent, I can’t say that I have encountered this problem before. But if you’re on an enterprise license, try raising a Support ticket to get help on locating the logs for previous runs.

It generates a lot of logs.

The orchestrator is using the community version, and I want to know what happens occasionally.

This is when the log sometimes does not exist regardless of whether the schedule succeeds or fails.

Hi @SsongJJ

Is it an Enterprise or a Community Orchestrator? Your first post states the former while your last the latter.

If you are an enterprise customer, I’d suggest contact with our technical support in this case :slight_smile: