Close process or close application

how to close the started process in the workflow
and same how to close the application , after using start application activity
for example i have opned file to do ui activity from the file then I want to close it

Whenever you open an app, browser, etc you should store it in a variable using the Output property.

Then later when you want to close it you just use the appropriate close activity and pass it the variable.

there is no output property for start process
i need to close the same process

Why are you using Start Process instead of Open Application, Open Browser, etc?

i have .msg file which i need to open to do some ui based automation
to opening it through start process

how can i open all files using loop from a folder using start application ?

U just use close application if its applicationn indicate the screen which you want to close
if u close the process terminate the process is there use that if u want close the tab in browser use close application only

There are multiple way to close the application.

  1. Indicate Application that needs to be closed in close application
  2. Kill Process (This will be used to kill application in case you have a few that were missed to be closed) - Use this at the end of the process flow to make sure that all the application are closed as per requirement.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I need to close the file opened through start process

you can’t do that directly from the start process…

For that as I stated earlier you will need to

so what other method i have to close the open file ?

how can i open all files using loop from a folder using start application ?

Question: Are they all same type of application?

If yes, then they can be handled easily :slight_smile:

These are files , emails files of outlook email with extension as .msg
yes all the .msg files

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The .msg file opens in IE if I am not wrong.
Use that for closing application

no it doesnot open in IE
it opens as outlook email

@Sakshi_Jain, you can force it to open the .msg on either IE or Chrome as per your utility…

I’ll suggest chrome and then use browser activity to get data with ease.

Hope this helps

Use Close Window and set the selector to the window the email opened in.

how to force open ?
i need to open as file not in browser


You can open the email .msg using this to open the file in IE explorer…

You said it opens as Outlook email. So just use Close Window and set the selector to the Outlook window the email opened in.