Clipping region causing clicks to be misplaced

Hello, I am using Click OCR Text with a ClippingRegion set. I have double-checked that my clipping region is correct by first using Get OCR Text and printing out the response. However, now that I am attempting to click on the text, it appears that it’s clicking the text in the selector region as though it were only selecting from the clipped region. So it’s much further left than it should be in my case because my bounding started at 0 from the top but off from the left.

In order to work around the issue, I am setting the CursorPosition to be offset on the x axis by the amount my clipping region is off from the left.

My guess is that when we use a selector and a clipping region, it ignores the text and just click the middle of the region we set…

No, if that was the case, then it wouldn’t click at all because it wouldn’t have found anything.

The reason is likely what I stated, the Selector’s region is not considered and instead it goes based solely on the text’s position to the top left-hand side of the ClippingRegion.

hmm… when you tested the get ocr text, you say it could find what you wanted to click? You are then using the Clipping Region to narrow down the search area?

Yes, that’s correct. It’s because there are a number of different fields in a table that I cannot otherwise get the contents of. The fields are kinda crammed together which was messing up the returned data because it thought it was a continuation and not a separate thing.

Well i think that maybe is something about the rectangle that we define in Clipping Range, cause it sure can overlap the size of the selector area and make the position go bonkers…

just i dont know how to come up with a rectangle that would be good for testing this, how did you manage to get the proper values to use in clipping range? i image those are taken from exact middle of what the selector brings as the element right?