Reduce the size of the clipping region for a selector


Is there a way to change the clipping region of an element in order to reduce its size? In the image below, the red rectangle is the clipping region set by an element with a reliable selector. The blue rectangle is the clipping region that I would like to obtain.

The reason is that I further use OCR to find a text like “.100” and I want to reduce the size of the image to be processed.


Hi @bianca.rati

Are u trying to read PDF and trying to check if the element is present in the PDF (.100)?

I’m using OCR because I need to fill in the PDF, not to read from it. On the right side there are input fields (which are not form fields), and I have to click on them relatively to the number (in this ex, .100). The cursor is set to Fill&Sign, so the click will create a Text Box where I can write the values.

have a check on the options of the used activity on following:

Yes, that was the solution :slight_smile: I obtained the left, top, right and bottom values that I needed, passed them in the activity, returned the UiElement and highlighted it and it is what I was looking for.

Thank you all.

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