Clipboard AI Out of box extractor model

Hi all,

I have a query. I don’t know it is possible or not just asking out of curiosity.
I have trained a ml model in AI center and published as a ML skill.
I am using UiPath Clipboard AI and i want to use other extractor models instead of predefined the one i have created in AI center. while trying it is asking for API key and end point url

is it possible to generate a end point url for the ML package we created.

Sreejith S S,

It’s feasible. Though I haven’t done any POC but you can follow below steps.

Create ML Skill and make it public. This will give you end points and key’s to configure/access the endpoint.

Once this is ready, go to Clipboard AI Settings/Extraction Model
Enter the API End point and keys from ML Skill.

Hope this would be helpful.

Ashok :slight_smile:

Thanks @ashokkarale for your prompt response.

Sreejith S S

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