Client security hash bot ,in infinite loop

Facing issue it run the bot once and fetch data once again repeating the same process in infinite times

show your process flow

Hi @Parul_Yadav

can you please help with the Screen Shots of the process flow.

Thanks. (1008.5 KB)

entire flow for client security hash t

Are you using any for or while loops?

i have upload it please check

Hi @Parul_Yadav

Please check If you are Setting the transaction status after every state.

Please have a look for better understanding,


no not using loop for that

i have make with the help this video … twice but in both time it did’nt fetch second client information it get the hash value to first one again nd again run it in infinite time

Hi @Parul_Yadav

Please attach the process if possible

Thanks (975.0 KB)
i have upload it please do check (975.0 KB)

Hi @Parul_Yadav

The Process created by you does not have an Set Transaction Workflow invoked in the Finally Block of the process Transaction , this workflow Increments the value of the Transaction Number ,which was not happening in your process.

Please find the image comparison left hand side your process , right hand side the missing workflow.

Also attaching the Process. (1008.5 KB)

Hope that solves your problem,


Hi @Parul_Yadav

Please run the Process attached and let me know.


Hi @Parul_Yadav

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yeah now its working…
Thankyou so much


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