CalculateClientsecurityHash -assignment1

Hello All,
I have created the use case and it is running without errors, but when I submitted the assignment, every time I am getting the 0/100 points

plz help me with this issue, kindly suggest some solution for this(Spent nearly a week for this)

please find the below screenshot of the output panel.

here is my workflow; (1.0 MB)

Hello @Harsha.P

The clientID, country and name seems alright. Maybe there is problem with combobox and selecting the option “Completed”, when the robot updating the workitem. Try to look at that.

hello @doceluch
thank you for reply.

I have checked it but the status is also in the completed state.

Hi have all WI5 completed ?
and have you check Manually and match the output from robot?
and make sure to have all data on the zip folder(etc excel if any)

And try to use trim so there will be no whitespace on the output


Hello appreciate for the help
As suggested, I have checked manually and matched the robot’s output.
also used trim as in the screenshot, but got the same 0 points.

So the output match? , try to manually test and match the first and last output to make sure,

if still error , i also dont know but will try to check again


thank you

I have checked the first & last output as well, but it was correct (and also recreated the whole workflow from scratch)

Please help with some suggestions

Hello All,

Please help me on this issue, I spent nearly 2weeks on this but still, I am unable to complete it.


Many of them facing the same issue. i don’t know the reason why this is happening.

Adding @Forum_Staff to rectify the issue



Hello @Forum_Staff @loginerror

Please help me on this issue

Hi @Harsha.P

Have you already tried browsing through these topics? Each contains a post marked as a solution to the 0/100 score:


I can see the result in ACME site is 100 score. but when i upload the assignment i am getting 0 points.