Click through a list in webpage

Hi good day, I am trying to work on a automation to click through a list from a web page. I have try data scrapping to build data table then using for each row to loop. But something seems not working. Wondered if anyone could help in showing how is the sequence

Hi @huey_jween95

can you share your flow ??

Hi @huey_jween95

You can use the Find Children activity for that list
then apply the for each loop for its children and pass the element in Click activity

Thank you for your quick response. Here is the flow I have been trying. Always when I try to run it stop on click

Hi @huey_jween95

Inside the for each activity
Create a datarow variable

Using the datarow variable you can insert the extracted data into build data table

Thanks ,

thank you @Robinnavinraj_S . This works! The error didn’t appears anymore. But still not able to click through the list in data table. Any idea how I could perform a click through on data tables?

Can your please share the selector screenshot which perform the click activity