Clicking a button with two different names and different paths following

Hi all,

I am trying to automate a click sequence where I have one button that either says “Confirm” or “Continue”. In the case of it showing “Confirm”, the click sequence is finished and in the cases where it says “Continue”, the process should do some more clicks.

Any idea how I can authomate this easily and beginner-friendly?

Hi @kay2, you can use the “get attribute” activity.
In the selector of the click activity there is a propertie that have either “Continue” or “Confirm” text (it could be something like ->ctrl name or aaname). Once you identified it, use the get attribute activity to get that value, store it on a variable and use an “if” activity to do what you want depending on the case.

Hi @kmilo_de_los_santos thanks a lot for your fast response. I am a bit lost, so you might need to elaborat a bit more. I have taken a screenshot of the process and where I would like to have the two different paths happen.

It either says “Weiter” on the button, which means two more steps are coming in the process before it should start from the top again. And if it does not say “Weiter”, then it should start from the top immediately.

I hope I have explained it well?


Alright, I think I undestand.
Can you show me the properties of the click activity “Weiter”?

Here you go

Ok, in the click acticity select this option:
Edit target
Then it will show you something like this:

The selector I mentioned before is the area highlighted, in that panel you should search the popertie that i told you. for example in this case it appear aaname, that have the text of the button/label i want to click


please try with this, working with button the attribute that we should use is the “innerText”

Hope this helps


@fernando_zuluaga thanks a lot. But I am getting an error. Any idea where my error is?


strResult is String type?

Yes it is. Do I need to set a default value?