Image Exists pick branch not cancelling if another branch closes

I’m using a pick branch that has several Element Exists activities, an Image Exists activity, and a Delay activity. The Element Exists activities handle various popups, the Image Exists activity detects a change in the save icon to indicate a successful save, and the delay is a fallback that throws an error if the pick detected no popups and the file failed to save.

If the Image Exists activity closes first then all other branches cancel and close immediately. (Good!)
If an Element Exists activity closes first, meaning a popup was detected, then the Image Exists activity waits for it’s full timeout before it’s branch cancels, causing significant delays before the popups can be dealt with.

Is this intended behavior for the Image Exists activity? Is there something I might be missing that prevents the Image Exists activity from cancelling promptly?

Thank you!

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well image exists does have its timeout, but i guess it couldnt stop searching for the image on its own… if this starts, then it has to go all the way…

I figured it out!

I could not get Image Exists to work. Unless there’s something I’m missing it seems the timeout will always be reached before it can be cancelled in a pick branch (seems like odd behavior, but maybe it’s a limitation of how the activity works?)

Instead I replaced the Image Exists with a Wait Image Vanish, so now rather than looking for a “Saved” image I’m waiting for the “Unsaved” image to disappear after the save command has been sent. This works as I expected, so if a popup is detected the Wait Image Vanish activity is immediately cancelled and the Pick Branch activities can be carried out without the extra wait time. Works much better and cut out that extra 10 seconds per transaction! Hopefully this might help someone down the line with a similar problem.

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