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Hi Everyone,

I am facing some issue while setting a click trigger enent on a “Submit” button in a custom form.
would someone please help me to solve the issue?

Thank you


Use Click Activity and indicate that submit to click it.

What error are you getting here ?

Hi Lakshman,

I have used that but nothing is happening.
I have atteched my Workflow and the Exe file where i have to perform click.

Please go throuigh it. (6.6 KB)
ClickTriggerTest.xaml (7.2 KB)


May I know the username and password of that application ?

Hey it’s for testing insert any random value.


I entered random values and clicked submit button. But its not going to next page.

Hey there is only one page and the process is :we have to just get the entered value from id and password text box when user click on the submit button


I am able to click submit button using Click activity.

Did you do any changes in my workflow to make it done?

Hey, thing is when user will enter the user id and password and after that when user will click on the “Submit” button Uipath will find user has entered the user id and password by using "Click trigger " event on the submit button.

How Robot will understand user has inserted the value or not?

For this i am using the “click Trigger” activity


I modified your workflow. Please find the same.

Enter username and click submit button then it will show you entered username in the message box. If you did not enter username then it will show you did not enter.

ClickTriggerTest.xaml (8.6 KB)

Cool, it’s working.
Thank you Lakshman.

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