Trigger a workflow After SUBMIT [a button ]click



Hello All,

I’m working on invoking a second workflow after the first finishes by clicking on “submit [or say button click]” in APP1.

After button click, APP 2 has to be opened and the data collected in variables in APP1 has to be filled into the fields of APP2 automatically and submit the form in this APP2.

My Question is : How can i invoke APP2 after submit click in APP1 ? Can you suggest if there any such property to invoke ?

Note : I’m using Desktop recording for this task.

Thanks Much in advance.


after validating the outcome of submit button click:

If you want as recording,start a new recording with the new app( same page or different), if different you need to pass previous app values as arguments

Or use open application activity after submit click


Thank you for quick response.

May be trivial question :slight_smile: , How can i retain the prev apps data in variable ?

I can create a variable to store but how to assign the user input [Type into text] to that variable …

After some checking : I got the way to capture the entered text to a variable , through “Get Text” activity.
But when i use these variables to be populated to second recorded sequence, nothing copied over there ?

Could you please suggest what would be the issue. [I did not get any errors in logs, The Fileds in second app are just not populated with any value]


Are you checking if your Get Text is extracting data from APP1?

Assuming Yes for above, how are you trying to populate Extracted data to App2?

Invoke workflow or Same Page ? use Type Into>


Yes, I have verified GetText value by using WriteLine.

And For APP2, I have used it In same sequence , in other recorded sequence.


can you share your xaml?


There is a Invoke workflow activity that you can select a xaml file to invoke. You can place it after the activity of the Submit Button. You can pass arguments to the new activity with this activity


Main.xaml (19.3 KB)

Attached the file.


I have got this suggestion while checking for solution. Could you pls elaborate how to do it pass arguments as variable to second app?


Check your variables(duplicates), remove the ones in DO scope


Please read this, for now right click on the 2nd recording and select Extract as Workflow.

Click on Edit arguements and pass the variables as Values.


Thanks I tried arguments way and it is working.

One more thing is, The browser window that i have opened in work flow through “Open Browse” activity is doing work in back ground, i.e Browser is not opening as active window. How can we make it active.


Activiate activity as 1st step inside open browser