Click the Search Instagram Id matching with Words


if i type the Instagram id in the search box. To click the Extract matching the text of instagram id.

Refer the screenshot.

how to click this id


Hi @Shyam_Pragash ,

Refer the doc

About Data Scraping (

Hi @mitesh_parmar

No Need to Data Scraping… i want to click insta id in search list…

Without the Knowing Index of your required field its difficult to click.

ok… is there possibility to do ?.. have to use any selector to click.

Hi @Shyam_Pragash,

I replicated your search and looked into the selector elements. The way we will solve this issue is with a dynamic selector on webctrl property aaname.


In the search menu that pops up, element aaname is the property of the username.

So, create a variable for your search name i.e. strUsername and optimise the selector. i.e. replace ‘ramesh’ with ‘{{strUsername}}’

Kind Regards

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yeah you can do… Other option like u have to check selector.
In Selector you will need to find attribute which has name which you are searching.
Once u get it… pass that attribute with variable as ur Searching Name and it will work.

some point need to keep in mind.

  • If required name is not visible, it down in the list then u need to use some different properties of click. which u can explore (Send Window message OR Simulate click)

Hi @Che

Can i use any insta id not only Ramesh… is it working ?

yeah so in aaname=“+Name+”
such a way u can pass variables to selector to make it as dyanmic.

i tried to get attribute in innertext… it selecting previous i was selected on not new id…

ok. fine i will try and update u …


yeah it will work…
but u have to calibrate your selector properly.

Yes, as I mentioned before, create a variable to store your search username in, then in the aaname property, put {{variable}}. You do not need to scroll, if the page is loaded, the element will exist (if there is an account of that username), the click activity will automatically scroll to it.

i.e. <webctrl aaname='{{username}}' />

Kind Regards