Click text in a word document that is read only

Hey Guys

Is it possible to carry out a click action when this piece of text is found in a word document? The text is not editable in the word document. Basically I want to drag a piece of text onto the document where the text is called Name. So I am not sure how to do that. Unless using OCR to read the text layer but then how do you find the position?

Any ideas?

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Hope these steps would help you resolve this
—first use Word application scope and pass the filepath of word as input
—inside the scope use READ activity and get the output with a variable of type string named str_input
—then with IF condition we can validate whether our text is there or not
Like this
str_input.ToString.Contains(“your string”)
If true it goes to THEN part where use START PROCESS activity and pass the filepath of the word document as input to Filename property
—this will open the file in foreground where next we can use SEND HOT KEY Activity with key as ctrl+f
Which will open find
Then use type into activity with input of your
“Your string”+”[k(enter)]”

Cheers @bobby

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sorry man. It is not technically a word file. It is an embedded word file in a webpage where the text cannot be edited. So would I use orc to get all the text and look for the word. But you cannot do control f to find it. Any other ideas buddy.