How to carry out click action when text is found

Hey Guys

Basically I want to drag a piece of text onto an embedded document where the text is called Name. So I am not sure how to do that. Unless using OCR to read the text layer but then how do you find the position?

Any ideas?

Can you provide a sample of the text and what you are searching for? Thanks!

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Hi @bobby

If it’s on Windows, you can use the “move file” activity.

If it is a web or other application, check if ui button has “move” and use it.

Otherwise, you should check the full text and the visible text using scraping text.

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Hi @David_Jang . Thanks for taking the time to respond. :slight_smile:

t is a web application. It does not have a button. Basically it’s a web application called DocuSign which basically allows you to sign digital documents. You basically upload a document. It appears in the web application. You create a signature and I just want the bot to drag it onto the document where the word name is present. I have tried the screen scraping feature. It required me to use to ORC to find the text. It was not visible using full text. So once I have found the word. How do I place the text relevant to it’s position?

Hi Sumid,

Providing a sample is difficult to with the application I am using. But to reproduce it, it would be the case that if I create a simple paint application and drag a text box onto the screen. I write Name: in the text box. I basically want to place an image of text relevant to the position of the text Name using the robot. So basically drag the image of anything next to the word Name: using the bot. I have worked out the dragging part. But it’s just getting the image relevant to that position of name.

I hope that makes sense.

Did you check CLICK_DOWN and CLICK_UP?

Hi Bobby, I am trying to achieve the same use case but facing the same issue. Were you able to achieve it?