Click Text for Link That is Dynamic

I am attempting to build a simple process for downloading a file from a online survey application (SurveyMonkey). Thus far, I’ve been using the “Click” function to navigate the log-in process. However, I’ve come across a link that changes with each refresh of the page and the “Click” function is no longer working. I’ve attempted to use the “click text” function, both from the text and OCR (with delays), but receive errors that it can’t find the text.

Any ideas on how I remedy this issue? Obviously, I’m new to the software.

Hi James,

First thing to do is take a look at how the selector is changing and what that may be related to. if this is related to the survey title you may be able to use a wildcard * in your selector to get around this. otherwise i’d suggest seeing if there is a more stable element that stays a defined distance from the one you want to click.

if your button is say 20 pixels away from another element that you can always find then you could use an offset on a click activity to click your button.


if the button looks to be unique then you could also use click image as a way to get around the selector always being different.

many ways of doing this as you can see, it’s best to try a few and see what seems the most stable for your needs.

Any questions please let me know.


Hi James,

There are two ways to make sure that this will work: Use Anchors or Relative Scrapping (for Citrix environments).
This means that you need to relate your element to another element that is stable and close to it.


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Hi James,

Even i was facing the similar issue,please try to include error handling concept such as try and catch in your workflow.

In the catch block,include the activities which was throwing error with sufficient delay.

This error usually occurs when the robot is not able to completely recognize the text that you are trying to access.