Click Text activity in several ocurrences within same web site

Hey guys.
I’m trying to figure out how to perform Click Text action within same web site.
There are 8 links that match the Click Text condition.
I need to click on all of them but perform another click Text action (with another different condition) between each.
For example:
Let’s search for “text1” in below list:

I want to click on text104030320, once clicked new options appear, so I want to run Click text with another condition, once finished, continue with the first text1 search.
the flow should be:
Click text: text104030320
-----> Clicktext text2
Click text: text138463434
-----> Clicktext text2
Click text: text112312312
-----> Clicktext text2
Click text: text189349022
-----> Clicktext text2

And continue until no more ocurrences of text1.
Hope I explain what I need…