Click on a multiples links and get text

Hi There!

Every day on a website, I need to click on multiple links only from the condition current date and within each link, I always Get 3 texts and type into the Google form.

How how to make this? Example bellow:

1- Click on each link in the current date

2- Get the 3 texts inside the link

3- Type into Google Form (3 text)

Thanks in advance!

Im not sure how your scenario exactly works
but if you can use find children with the uielement of current date you can extract all the children elements within current date
for each element
you can use click activities with the extracted children element value in the target value of element
next use get attribute to get the URL of the value(TEXT 3)
Get text activity for TEXT 1 and TEXT 2
later you can fill the form using type into activities
and you can redirect to the web page using navigate to or open browser or attach window

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Hi @Fabio_Batista

You can datatscrapping and scrapping the url and then loop through each url to.obtain the required data and typed in Google form


Thanks for the help, but still don’t understand.

Do you have any examples to show?

Importantly, this action of Get text of the links, has to be ONLY OF CURRENT DATE OF THE DAY, probably has some condition. in the case of the print action example only for January 8

Thank you!

Hi @sandhya_koilada,

Do you have any examples to show?

In summary, I need Click day by day in each link of de current date of the Day , and get 3 text inside each page. in the case of the print action example only links for January 8

Many Thanks!!!

can you give me the link of which you are trying to retrive the data from or a similar link
so that ill try to make a process for you

Sure!!! I appreciate your help

Find link:[Legislação]

In this example, I need to click only the date of January 8th (4 links)

Get Text 3 text:

Thank you!!!

im not getting to that page with your link

Try this…

click only “currente day” examples 08/01/21

Each Link …Get 3 text and type into on Google Form


This process will help you to go through all the links in todays date
in the if section after navigating you have to use get text activity to extract the exact info you need and save them in variables for later use…

hope this helps…!! (3.3 KB)

@sandhya_koilada will be very useful!

Thanks so much!!!

@sandhya_koilada not working! :frowning:

After If condition , How Get text and type into Google Form?

the navigate to activity will redirect to the page on the url
after that you have to use get text activity to get the data in that page and use a data table for this purpose so that use can add the extracted data into the data table one row after other
later you can use for each row to the add the data into the google form