Click/Send hotkey[enter] do not work but the flow continues

Help needed.
Something is wrong with Click/send hotkey[enter] activities when used in a certain conditions but I couldn’t identify the cause.

I’ve been trying to automate creating bills on this website.

In order to DL a pdf file of the saved bill, I wanted to press “PDF” button after creating a new bill and then press “save” in the ribbon that shows up at the bottom of the browser next.
So naturally I set “Click” and then “send hotkey[enter]” for the “PDF” button and “save” button but it does not work as below. I think this involves multiple problems.

  • Browser: IE 11
  • OS: Windows 10 home
  • Sometimes super slow when debugged (step-into) >40sec, but other activities are working normally
  • Sometimes flow continues even though “click” or “send hotkey” was not completed (I didn’t set “continue on error”)
  • TimeOut error when run
  • “Highlight Element” shows that the selector is correctly found and the cursor is set right on the “PDF” button (Hey, do your work!)
  • Click activities I set for other buttons worked normally
  • WaitForReady does not seem to matter
  • TaskManager says CPU and memory of my laptop is doing fine

Any advice or alternative ways to DL from this website?