How to click save button of PDF

Hi Guys,

I am Unable to click save button.

  1. Go to Url
    2.Enter PNR and click Download
    3.Move to tab where PDF open
  2. Click Save button and save

I am unable to automate 4th step.

Hi @smita.mobifly,
Use Send HotKey activity and send(Ctrl+S) and Use Type into activity to mention the name of the pdf.

Hope this helps!


Hi Smita,
try these and let me know
1> Send hot key: ctrl +p + enter
2> attach window, followed by click activity


Hi @Naveen_tg,
(Ctrl+S) saved into HTML , i need to click save button for saving pdf format.

Hi @aditya.prakash,

How to send 3 keys using hotkey

Hi @aditya.prakash,

Got it, solved .

Thanku so much.

HI @smita.mobifly,
It works (sending Hot key ctrl+S)
I have attached my workflow.Main.xaml (1.2 KB)

Hi @Naveen_tg,


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