Click row in a table based on value from another column in website popup

So im trying to build my first automation and stumbled upon this problem,
after several steps, the web will show popup item like this:
from this, i want to select the the row with value of “0 Package”, how can i achieve this?

this table can be scrapped using data scraping options in UiPath

Hello @Fauzan_Marantama,

You can use dynamic selector for this purpose, just use click activity and click on 0 package options, It will return you a selector’s open UIExplorer where you can find Id or aaname element has a value with 0 package, You just have to replace the value with row(“Columnname”) .

Like this?
do I need to state the “0 Package” or just go as-is?
and if there are multiple identical value (0 Package) what i need to do?

Hello @Fauzan_Marantama, Can you please share the raw selectors? and also if there are identical row than you have to select selectors based on multiple criteria

Sorry, is this the raw selectors?

and for identical row, we don’t have multiple criteria to select, but it is okay to select random row as long as the value is “0 Package”

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Hey @Fauzan_Marantama,

Can you please enable the inner text attribute from the selected items right panel.

And try running the same.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @Fauzan_Marantama,

Yes aaname and innertext contains the field from which you can dynamically click on the pop up. so check with both.
But you have to make correction on how you pass your variable ,change it to "

here variable can be anything like a value from excel sheet datatable => Row(“YourcolumnName”)

Also have a check if the case that more items with 0 packages like
pickerA - 0 Package
pickerG - 0 Package

can occur.

In that case we would work with a find children and fetch all 0 Package items before and processing the found items as needed.

Hello Akshay07, after using innertext & variable, it can select the “0 Package”.
But there is another problem, how I can save the value on the left side of the “0 Package”, ie. picker-1 & will know if there is no idle picker (no one has 0 package) and show warning?