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I am new to UiPath automation.
I am trying to automate a web application. If my account is locked I can see a lock symbol on the web page, if not I am able to automate the rest of the functionality successfully.

My question is, using if condition I am checking if my email address exist or not. If email exist do the needful. if not, I am able to add my email address successfully. But, when I am running the script, if my account is locked I can see a lock symbol after my email address. So I want to validate the web page if lock symbol exits or not. if exist I should unlock my user and my rest of the process should go as expected.

I used Click Image activity but it is not working for me.

Please find the images below.





Hi @Bhaskar_Mukka,

Have you tried to use Image Exists activity? its output is a boolean so doing that you will be able to check if the lock is on the image or if its not


Thanks @Pablo_Sanchez its working

If your website takes time to load you can use find image activity which will wait until image loads in website.

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