Click on Element (e.g. button) next to certain text in Remote Desktop

Here my scenario : I want my robot to access a remote desktop. Then, the robot will open IE and access a web page. In this web page, there is a table with a number of row. For each row, I have 2 columns, column Item and column buttons. I want my robot to click on the button one by one.

I tried to use Anchor Base activity and Find Image with Click Image. However, i can’t get it success.

Any advice what activities I should use? Please be reminded that my robot is managing the click within the Remote Desktop.

Advanced version: I may not need to click all buttons all the time. I want to pass a list of items (e.g Item A, Item B ) or just Item A and the robot will click on the button according to the list I pass.


Hi @Benny_Chan,
Since we have officially the Citrix (remote) native support you should experiment with only a Click activity and set the Selector with proper way. And remember to use Simulate Click property.

Try also with Recording function to see which action it will use.

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