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Here’s what I want to achieve-
Open a Macro enabled Excel file, click on the macro button, the macro will open a ‘Save As’ dialog box where file name (path) is to be provided, click on ‘Save’ (in the dialog box), save the Excel, and close it.

UiPath is not able to recognize the macro button, it however recognized the cell in which macro button is present. But the selector is quite unstable, and in some Excels the button size is small and does not cover the whole cell.

Please suggest ways in which I can achieve this.

Note: I cannot recode the macro as the macro is a part of the standard code. Also, I cannot use “Execute Macro” in the scenario because the activity waits for the whole macro to execute before moving on to the next activity - and the macro opens the ‘Save As’ dialog box in which the bot needs to provide input.

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You can use Execute Macro with the Parallel activity. Add two sequences in the Parallel activity: one for executing the macro and one for interacting with the Save As dialog box. Since they are running in parallel the first sequence won’t block the other.

See the thread below for more details:

Thank you. This worked :slight_smile:

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