Saving the file using macro in excel

There is a macro in excel. When we clicks on it it opens the popup which asks for path to save the file and then we click on save button . And then one more pop up comes up with ok button to click.

Now my task is to click on macro and save the file through UiPath code.

I’m trying to do using execute macro and parallel activity to enter the path and to click on save but facing issues.

Before enter path itself click on save activity operation is being petformed and bot getting failed

Can someone help me on this issue


You can modify the macro to not show pop up and instead send the path as an argument to macro…that would be the idea case

but if you are still looking for providing through dialogue box then can you show your flow.A screenshot or an attachment would help

As in parallel are you using typeinto and click on save as one sequence and remaining excel activities as other?



Can you try the following steps?

1 Extract “Enter path and click” part into other workflow file.
2 put InvokeWorkflowFile acitvity in left lane of Parallel
3 Set extracted file at WorkflowFileName property, then set Isolate property True.

It will work because invoked workflow run in another executor process.


Thanks @Yoichi this worked

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