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Hello guys i want to click on an image.

it will be visible only when hovering the mouse.

But after hover also it will be visible only for sometime.

so is there any other way to do this.

Hi @Gokul_Murali

Use Hover activity and then click activity

Hello @Gokul_Murali

  1. Hover over the area using “Hover” activity.
  2. Use a “Delay” activity to wait for the image to become fully visible.
  3. Use “Element Exists” activity to check if the image is still visible.
    a. If yes, proceed to step 4.
    b. If no, wait and retry, or proceed to the next steps.
  4. Use “Click Image” activity to click on the visible image.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Hey @Gokul_Murali ,

You can achieve this by hovering on that element - use “Hover” activity
Then use “Check app state” Activity and indicate that image
If target appears - Click on the image
Below is the flow of the Screenshot

hope it helps you !

Hi, you can try with the hover activity and then using a click activity.

if you are not able to get the element you want, you may use the Ui explorer to explore the tree selectors and get the correct one.