Click hidden menu

I need to press a button that is in a hidden menu, which is activated by hovering over the menu title(Not clicked).
I give an example with this website:

I want to click on “Private Bankig” but I can’t.
I have tried with F2, but when the 3 seconds are up, the menu disappears when the selector is activated.
Any ideas?

Hello @Aguirre,

Try using the recorder to record your clicks, once you have that particular click’s selectors you can then use the hover activity followed by your recorded click.



you can use URL which is used in hyperlink
launch the URL
it will work



How about using F6 as the following.


My version when pressing F6 does as a tabulator, it does not do a select. your version is different from mine
Usage: Studio 2022.4.4

Hello, that’s the solution I have right now, but I would like to get the click on the button.


Can you try to use Modern Click (and UseApplication/Browser)?
Please turn on ModernDesignExperience in ProjectSettings or ShowModern at Filter in Activities panel, in advance


Thanks @Yoichi
I didn’t know about the “Keep the pointer” activity, I managed to do it in my version, without the need for the modern one.
a greeting

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