Click Each Table Row on Website

Hi Everyone,

I’m having trouble to click each row of table on website then type into data to next table.
Screenshort (attached) is website image for your reference.

I was tried with Extract structure data table but it return all table columns on the website.
so i have no idea to how to click each container row to to fill data to next table.

I’m using UiPath Studio 2020.10.04.
Would you help me to check and advise me way to click each row then fill data to next position?

Looking forward to hearing from everybody.


Hi @hai.nguyen ,
Have you tried getting the list UI element which is a list of those buttons.
I think we can get them as list UI, then use for each component,

I understand that when we click on the button, the right panel will show then we need to enter the value, that’s right


Hi @hai.nguyen

Try use Find Children activity

Hi @Nguyen_Van_Luong1 ,

Yes, we need to click on the each button then it will move us to the right panel to enter the value.

To get the list of UI element (Containers), we will use activity as below.

Flow Activities:
1/ Find Children
2/ ForEach to click each ui element containers
3/ After that how we can know correct position of right panel to enter value into it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


The position of the cells to be entered is not change, right?

For each button, it will also have the same number of cells and the same position.
The problem here is how to select the elements in those cells correctly
I think it can be adjusted with the dynamic element, it will be fixed and only the title will change…

If you use “Use application/web” you can try anchoring

If you haven’t use yet, try to enable Modern Activities in Activities Pane, in Filter option.

Now use Anchor to associated the label with the correct inputs



You have to use ui explorer and find generic selectors for each field of table…that way for any row even if the table will correspond to row because of selectors it would identify and type correctly

For that open ui explorer insicate the element …and usingn the center top and right top menus try to find a selector which does not contain row level details and try to click on another row and validate to check if the selector is still valid…if valid can use the selector which can be used for any row in the loop


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