Click Each Item In Excel Dropdown List?

Hi all,

I have an excel sheet with a drop-down list. The list is always in cell B20. There are around 30 items in the list.


Each time you click a new item - new data is generated on the sheet. So what I want to do is click each item, then export the sheet to a PDF file. Then repeat this process for all 30 items in the list (so I will have 30 PDF files when done).

Does anyone have any advice on how to get the bot the click each item in the list? I was thinking a recording with click activity but how would it scroll down the list?


Sometimes i see in this forum questions similar “how i can do my task (long description) in excel?”
I think:

  • UiPath (and other RPA platform) will never have activity for all tasks in Excel. It is impossible.
    But - good news!) Excel has been VBA language!
  • Using Excel through Excel UI, it is not a good practice for your task.

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