Click button inside mail body or create button inside mail body

Hi Sarathi,

We tried your above mentioned html code in the uipath assign mailbody activity and tried to execute the same.
We are getting below error .

Hi Sarathi,

Please help us with the query posted by Ida.

Have you set the IsHtmlbody as true or not. Set it and check again. Possible share a sample xaml what you are trying

Hi Sarathi,

Thank you so much Sarathi for your swift response.

We are trying the below HTML code in the UiPath Assign activity. Getting the error as “Expected >”. Please use this in your environment and help us Sarathi.

Approve Reject
<a href=" Approved &body= Approved";>
<a href=" Rejected &body= Rejected";>

hi there @sarathi125 , i am currently using the same html code that you just referred to in your reply. I was wondering if there’s a way to send the approval or rejection Email without the user having to click “send” when the plain Mail. can’t we just skip that and make it send automatically once clicked ? any thoughts ?

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Hi Kamal,

I’ve been researching this too, but haven’t found a solution yet. :pensive:
If you have done the automatic mailing as you mentioned, can you share it?

Hello @Ayfer_Yildirim

It would be better if you can create a new post describing your requirement.

Else explain what you are trying to do and what’s the error that you are getting.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

I am not getting an error. I am applying the above case and I want it to send an automatic mail without pressing the Send button when the person I sent the mail to press the Approved button.

Can you support me on this?
Thank you :slight_smile: