Click activity Not detecting small button


Click activity Not detecting small button in web application.
Can anyone please let me know an alternative solution for it?

Hi @Muhammed_Fajfer

Are you able to highlight the button in uiexplorer


Hi @Muhammed_Fajfer welcome to forum

So if the click activitiy is not detecting button in web application

Use this way

  1. Use set focus activitiy to focus the button

  2. Then use click activitiy to click button

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@AshwinS2 Yes, i can highlight the button.

@NIVED_NAMBIAR Thanks for the reply

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Hi @Muhammed_Fajfer did it work ?

User FindImage activity and find the image with with Accurancy of “0.8”. FindImage activity returns the match of the object UiPath element. Based on the result call Click Image activity to click the image.

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Hello @Muhammed_Fajfer,

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Indicate the whole screen and then open that click in UIexplorer on the left top panel there will be html dropdowns, find your button in that and then double click the selector will appear at bottom center.

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No , it didn’t