Classify Document Scope - Classify: Argument can't be empty Parameter name: documentText

With my team we are using Document Understanding framework to Classify and Extract informations from pdf.
We start a big execution with around 8000 pdf and we got this error on some of them : “Classify Document Scope - Classify: Argument can’t be empty
Parameter name: documentText”
As you can see on the picture in debug mode we are facing to a strange case, the argument is not empty and the Classify Scope say the reverse.

Cloud you help us with that ?
We are using Studio 2021.10.5.
Have a good day!

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i’m getting the same error

Hi @Mourad_El_Khamkhoumi @Marcelo_de_Alcantara

Does the same always happen on the specific documents? Any chance you could share a sample of such document that still reproduces the issue, maybe together with a sample zip of a dummy project?

It would help us reproduce the issue.

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Hi @loginerror,
Unfortunately, for privacy reason I’m not able to share doc with you.
I tried to solve by upgrading my dependencies, but no effect.
I tried another way to solve my problem.
When I let only one classifier inside the Classify Scope, it works and the execution pass to the next activity.
But combining several Classifier is not possible :frowning:


No worries. Could you still confirm if the issue happens always to the same file(s)?

Yes, exactly it happens always on the same files.

Hello @Mourad_El_Khamkhoumi @Marcelo_de_Alcantara

How can we reproduce the issue, what documents are you using/what is particular to the documents leading to the documents? Are there native/scanned PDFs?

Thanks in advance,