Getting error in Present Validation Station - Document understanding

Hi All, I’m facing an issue with Present Validation Station.

Error : Present Validation Station: Argument can’t be empty (Parameter ‘documentTypeId’)

Note: Here i’m customizing Document Understanding
I’m using only 3 activities Load Taxonomy , Digitize Document , Present Validation Station

I’m getting input from Json file based on Polygons i’m creating rest of the output.

@Yoichi , @ppr Any help on this

Hi @user928 ,

As the error states the Document Type ID is not passed as a Parameter, You could use the Document Type ID present in the Taxonomy if it is a customised DU project.

We do not know the whole procedure as there are still questions to be asked, but do try using the Document Type ID and check whether it will be able to resolve the error.

You should be able to find it in the taxonomy.json file :

Let us know if this was not helpful and provide us some more details.

Hi @supermanPunch i don’t have any variable called **Document type id ** but still it is showing error.

This is my Activity and fields. In this i created only extractionresult - variable in custom format

Hi @user928 ,

Could you Show us also the Taxonomy and Data Extraction Scope implementation ?

@supermanPunch Sure is there any option to send it in personal message

@user928 ,

Yes. You could send it personally as well :

@supermanPunch ok, 2 minutes i will share my Taxonomy Json

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@supermanPunch i sent a message please check