Classification Results - Multiple documents in a file - not being classified

I have set a workflow that classifies a file using the intelligent Key word and Key word classifier.
I check the results to see if the confidence level has reached a certain threshold and if it has not then it triggers the classification validation station.
I would like to show the validation station if there are multiple documents in the file.
My issues is that if a file has multiple documents and only one of those documents is classified , there is no way to check if there are other documents with in the file .
Does that mean that I will have to display the classification station regardless as there is no way of identifying if there is a document within a multi document file that has not been classified?

Any help would be appreciated

Hello. Only the Intelligent Keyword Classifier is capable of classifying subdocuments of a larger file. The Keyword Based Classifier will always classify the entire document as a single document type.

If you are using Intelligent Keyword Classifier, you should get multiple classification results inside the array ClassificationResults that is the output of Classify Document Scope. If you sum up the page range lengths of these results and they don’t add up the number of pages in the document, then it means not all pages were classified. Your condition for opening the Classification Station should be something like:

dom.Pages.Length > classificationResult.Sum(Function(x) x.DocumentBounds.PageCount)


In splitting a PDF doc into multiple classifications has worked. Issue is when creating a template within either, form extraction or Intelligent Form Extraction, it presents the entire PDF document. The problem is that the specific classification i am looking for are pages 3-4, but I am forced to input data on page 1 which has nothing to do with the specific classification.

I would like to only have page 3-4 visible in the template manager, they would present as page 1-2, with no other pages attached. I do believe its possible just need some direction. thanks

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