Problem with classification, Intelligent keyword classifier is splitting my pdf when there is more than 1 page

Hello there :slight_smile:

My problem is with the classification of my documents.
I have 1 document type(more in the future).
The Classificator(Intelligent Keyword Classifier) is splitting my document(1 pdf file) by pages and then it thinks that every page is different document which is not the case. I don’t see any property in the activity for disabling this feature.

I cannot show an example of my document, but in case of 2 or more pages some of the information which i have to extract is duplicated in the other pages.

Hope that there is a solution for this.

Hi @Nikolay_Kolev
For your scenario you can use Keyword classifier has its just single document.
Intelligent keyword classifier is used in the scenario where you have multiple invoices are clubbed to single document and you need to split these invoices to extract data.


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