Classification Validation Confidence on multi document file

I have setup my workflow to display the Classification validation station if the confidence level is below a certain threshold.
This work fine for single document files.
However when I am now trying to do the same to a multi document file.
Is it best practice to check them individually and display the validation each time or
if I want to check the confidence level for the over all file and just show the validation station once, Is there a way to do this ?


any update?

The Classify Document Scope returns one result per subdocument classified, assuming you are using the Intelligent Keyword Classifier. There is one confidence returned per subdocument. Confidences between subdocuments can vary a lot, depending on training data and usually unrelated. How you decide if you should open a Classification Station is up to you.

Hi @venkat4u
Have decided to open the validation station if any of the files in the document have a confidence level below 80%.
Have to write some formula that will check if there is more than one file in the document and one of the files is not validated at all then it does not appear in the classification validation results, will count the pages in each validation result to do this , which is time consuming but seems to be the only option at the moment.
Working on something else at the moment, so will come back to this when time allows.
But thanks for the advice @tudor.serban