Classic robot cannot be connected to Orchestrator - question

Hi there, my company I work at still uses classic folders. We are planning on migrating to modern folders very soon. However, before then we would like to still be able to run our DEV Studio bot.
But as of today this no longer seems possible, as I get this error when attempting to run the bot from Studio

Do you know if it is possible to fix this before my company migrates to modern folders?


You can create one Classic folder in your dev instance and connect through that for now.


YOu could also disconnect from orchestrator and work with studio only at the moment.

I have created a new classic folder. I chose Attended (Automation Developer) because we had no other RPA Developer licenses left.

What do I do now to connect my studio to this new folder?
My studio is still currently connected to the original classic folder and it is not working (as mentioned in the original post)


Try signing in and check if that works

or try giving a non prod license if that is available


Hey can you check here what’s license allocation and if your user/machine has license allocated to it.