Bots not connected after migrating classic folders to modern folders


After running through the wizard to migrate the classic folders to modern folders in orchestrator we can no longer connect our unattended robots using the existing license keys. I’ve noticed that there is no “Robots” tab within the new migrated folders in Orchestrator either. Any ideas of what may have happened please? Do we need to somehow associate the new migrated robots with the existing licenses somehow?



This is the error we are getting. Any help would be much appreciated.


Can you share current UR settings in Orchestrator?
Did you already create machine template? And assigned UR runtime to the machine?
Did you assign the machine to the folder?


these steps you need to do as follows:

  1. create a new Robot account
  2. assign that robot account to the designed folder.
  3. assign the template machine to the designed folder.

The modern folder will no longer display the Robot Tab. all of the Robot information are in the Tenant level.

hope this work on you.

Thanks for the info. I’ve carried out all of the steps above but there still doesn’t appear to be a license associated with the new “Configured Robots”. The license type is displaying as N/A. Any ideas of how to assign a license to them please?


it’s no problem because UR license is assigned to Machine (runtime).
Can you check the machine (template) and robot account are both assigned to the modern folder?



Check this on where and how to assign roles and licenses and conenct robot.

Did you happen to create machines as well? And using machine template? Did you get the new machine keys? Assigned license to machines?


Thanks all, now resolved - we had an old (non compatible) version of studio which didn’t work with modern folders. Upgraded and all worked a treat.


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